Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rainbow Blog #2

Ready to get owned Lincoln?
All right, on to chapter 5 of my reading of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. This is the first chapter I am doing after coming up with this idea…the previous four were done after the fact. So these are my thoughts as I read!
Chapter 5
-Good news, roommate’s boyfriend is back! And he’s alone, with Cath, in their room. And she’s sharing her food with him. Feeling much better about the chances of him ending up with Cath now.
-Cath and her roommate are making fun of people in the dorm dining room. They really need to stop being so unlikable if I am going to like them.
-Cath wonders how old roommate’s boyfriend is, but she’s also examining his receding hairline awfully close. She is clearly into him, but maybe not end of the book into him. I could be wrong about them being together at the end…
Fascinating, I say.
-There’s some stuff about her devotion to writing fan fiction and explaining how it all works. Is this stuff really that popular? As Spock would say: fascinating.
-Hey, city of Lincoln—how you doing? Good? Feeling kind of proud about getting that Jay-Z concert and some other stuff Omaha would’ve gotten if it wasn’t for your new arena? Yeah? Well, here, I’ve got something for you.

No seriously, you ready Lincoln? Might want to sit down for this one. Here's the line:
 “This school was constantly reminding Cath how rural Nebraska was—something she’d never given any thought to before, growing up in Omaha, the state’s only real city.”
-Moving on…we’ve got some big but subtle developments in Cath’s relationship status…
YES! Roommate’s boyfriend is walking her to the library since it is dark and rapey outside. And he’s being a total gentleman, but not too much of a total gentleman. An important distinction.
NO! Roommate’s boyfriend is walking her to the library so that she can meet with some other guy—his name is Nick. Rainbow is just toying with my emotions now. This other guy is in her writing class and they’ve been paired off together to write a story. They’re all alone, in the bowels of a university library, writing kind of risqué stuff…and nothing happens. But she says it’s fun being with him. This is not going well.
YES! Roommate’s boyfriend came running back to walk her home. And he says some funny stuff about the library. There is still hope for them.
-What we need is for Nick to turn out to be a dick. In this chapter it appears that their romance is going to get hot and heavy, and things look bad for my prediction, but this book is like 400 pages. So she's going to burn through Nick, and then roommate’s boyfriend will be waiting.
-Holy crap, this book is like 400 pages in that it is actually 433 pages. That’s a long book. Next up, chapter 6.

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