Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book For Sale!

Get it while you can! Limited edition! If we run out... we'll print more!

Here are a few outlets to pick up On the Backs of Dragons, the sensation that is sweeping the continent. Or something.On the Kindle, I have NOT enabled DRM, which means it can be transferred to other e-readers, shared, etc. Give it to anyone who might be interested. If you like it, leave a good review on Amazon. If you hate it, lie, and leave a good review on Amazon!

Kindle version

Paperback on Amazon

Paperback on CreateSpace

If you've ever wondered about self-publishing, I pretty much get the same whether you buy it on Kindle or paperback on Amazon due to printing and shipping costs, which is about $3 at this price. For CreateSpace, I make about double that, but it's a far less convenient option compared to Amazon, where every single person in the world has an account.

Anyway, thanks for your interest, and I hope you like it if you choose to check it out!

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