Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Matter of the Back Matter

All right, here is the description of my book On the Backs of Dragons that will appear on the back cover of the paperback edition. I think this thing has been harder to put together than some of the chapters of the book!

Life can get awfully complicated when you make promises you intend to keep.

So says Akari, and he speaks from experience. A simple promise he made to his sister leads him to faking his death, living with dragons in a live volcano, and using all of his powers and skill with magic and warfare to overcome the ruthless army of Azoria. Eventually, he realizes that only he can bring a costly war to an end – with the Fate of three kingdoms at stake.

It is only with the help of Akari’s niece Caroline and his nephews Jonas and “Mouse,” who travel great distances down rivers, through caves, swamps, oceans, over mountains – and in the air, with the help of a stray dragon or two. They all must show courage they didn’t know they had so that the island of Ambrosia can be saved from the menacing King Maldazor.

Sasquatches, ruthless Barbarian invaders, the wild and free men of Mulvaria, a Cyclops that enjoys the taste of rat meat, and nasty little cave creatures known as “In-Betweeners” all play a part in their adventures – either helping them along the way, or doing whatever they can to thwart their plans.

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